Although I didn't enjoy the narrative project or feel very creative when doing my research, I did manage to visualise images whilst reading the myth. This series is the closest I could get to how I imagined the story. I have used different images of statues of the Goddess Hera in each part of the series. Hera is the Goddess who helps Jason and guides The Argo on it's quest. I have used the same background for each design, which I think helps to create the scene. I havn't made the compositions too complicated or cluttered to leave room for the reader's imagination. I'm not particularly happy with this outcome and I feel these illustrations were forced. In the future I will try to 'think outside the box' more as I've seen others do in the critique for this project, I think doing so will allow me to feel more free and creative, I feel in this project I tried too hard to tell the story exactly as I read it instead of using visual metaphors or creating more abstract designs.

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