Hi Josh
Thanks for the link. I thought the Highlands film was great. I can see it has been a hell of a lot of work.

If you can accept constructive criticism, I think the both the drawn animation (of the deer/flower - beautifully drawn with gracefull movement) and the sequences of collage (blocky and jerky) both work really really well. They are though, very different visual languages and I wonder if future work should separate out the two different ways of working.

I can see that that is precisely what you are trying to do, but my concern is that you might lose/detract something from both - the delicacy of the drawing and the power/punch of the collage - each cancelling the other.

Anyway, just thoughts for future development....................... as I said before, a lovely little film.

Good luck with the course Josh
Thanks for showing me the film and keep up the great work!

Best wishes

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