For my Convergence/Divergence Unit I am exploring the convergence of music, fashion and art. I am hosting an event in Southampton where I will display, create and observe all of the above. The venue will host an exhibition of my work which is all inspired to some extent by Marcel Duchamp’s readymades. I aim to create an environment and atmosphere with music and art.

Here is the event’s description as seen on the invite.

Village Green: Best of British is a celebration of British youth culture from the sixties until now.

This one-off night is a hats-off to the music that makes up the patchwork of Britain. From the soul adopted by the mods in the sixties to the punk movement that shook up the nation in the seventies. We'll pay homage to the best of Mod, Soul, Punk and Britpop.

Soul Cellar will be decked out with memorabilia and contemporary British Pop Art.

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